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Do You Need To Make Dietary Changes For Losing Weight With Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The most difficult part about losing weight is controlling your diet. No matter how much we read about healthy food, organic items and planning the calories and portions of our food, it never really seems to work in real life. There is hardly any space for six mini meals in our schedule and we prefer to eat food that can be prepared with ease than the food that is ‘organic’ or ‘healthy’. As a matter of fact, exercising is still easier. You simply need to make time for it once in a day but when you opt for ‘eating right’ as per the experts, you become obsessed with food. This is quite detrimental to your life and no one really wants to do that. Plus, there are people who eat right but are still not able to lose weight. Is there any explanation for this?

So what can be done by you in order to lose weight while eating your regular diet? Well, one of the perfect ways to do so is to include green coffee bean extract in your diet. You do not have to worry about a diet plan or even fussing about the calories that you have consumed. This was proven by a study by Applied Food Sciences. This 22 week study included 16 men and women how were overweight and a part of the 22- 46 years age group. These people were given a 700 mg to 1050 mg dose of the green coffee bean extract. There was absolutely no change in their diet routines and they were not meant to starve themselves to death for the same. In fact, their daily diet was about 2400 calories and they were burning about 400 calories through your usual exercise plans. This still means a surplus of 2000 calories which is nowhere near any diet plan that you have ever heard of.

There was also a control group in the study. During this 22-week study, the researchers found that the people who were using green coffee bean extracts lost an average of 17 pounds. The lowest weight reduction was 7 pounds while the highest was 26 pounds. All this happened without following any diet or heavy exercise routine. Though weight loss statistics were different as every individual’s body reacted at a different pace, weight loss was certain. This means that green coffee bean extract can be used safely for weight reduction without any dietary changes.

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