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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Dangerous?

Though there has been a lot of research on how regular coffee provides health benefits or how it is unsafe for some people, green coffee beans do not enjoy such a privilege. As it is a comparatively newer concept, there has been very limited research on the benefits as well as the disadvantages that this extract could have on the body.

It has been related to healthy weight loss, eradicating heart troubles and also helping in improving the condition of the diabetics. However, the evidence towards the benefits is very limited in nature. They have suggested that the extract can be healthy but have not gone for any in-depth study of what does the extract really do and how.

Green coffee bean extract is safe for consumption and there has been no evidence about the extract being dangerous in nature. In all the research that has been done on people, oral consumption at appropriate amounts has not resulted in any dangerous effects. However, you need to be a little careful with the consumption of this extract. This is mainly because the green coffee bean extract also contains a good amount of caffeine and too much consumption of the same can lead to side effects that are expected with regular coffee. Caffeine will usually be causing nausea, insomnia, restlessness nervousness, increasing heart rate, heavy breathing and sometimes even anxiety and headaches. The heartbeats can also become irregular in the people who consume too much caffeine.

However, there are conditions in which the increased consumption of green coffee bean extract is not considered safe. Take a look.

  • Pregnancy- whether you are pregnant or currently breast-feeding your child, you should avoid consuming caffeine. There has been no evidence with the good and bad effects of this extract on your pregnancy. It is better not to take a chance.
  • High homocysteine levels- when you are consuming too much green coffee bean extract, you increase the amount of chlorogenic acids in your body. This further alleviates the levels of homocysteine in your body. The high levels of plasma homocysteine would be increasing the chances of heart diseases. People who are already suffering from these conditions could be facing a lot of problems because of this.
  • Anxiety- if you are suffering from anxiety disorders, then consuming caffeine in any way would be harmful for you, even if it comes in the form of green coffee bean extracts.
  • Diarrhea- some people suffering from diarrhea often face troubles with increased caffeine consumption.

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